New Cover / Local Mountain Airports

Having the T-Shade at KSQL is nice, but I still get dust and dirt on the airplane.  I ordered a cover from Bruce’s Custom Covers.  As far as I can tell, this seems to be where everybody gets covers from.  He has patterns from most of the major airplanes out there.  I ordered one for my SR22-G3 and it fits like a glove:

It took about a month to get made and about 1 day to ship to me.  Bruce is just down the road in Sunnyvale.  It’s not that hard to get on and off, but you definitely need a system or you’ll spend all your time figuring out which way is up.  I got used to having to use a cover with the little archer that I did my training in.  Number one rule – have a system.

I always wanted to check out Columbia (O22), so finally I did!  Here’s the “pilot lounge”:

Jeremy Zawodny’s blog got me interested in visiting Pine Mountain Lake, so I did that too.  It was BKN50, so I flew the GPS 27 approach, though over the actual field it was scattered.  E45 doesn’t have Atis/Awos/Asos, so I was going off of what O22 was reporting.  Here’s what it looks like on the ground:

And here’s a shot of the runway from the runup.  The runway has a big “dip” in the middle of it:

I’ve also done a bunch of flights down to KSBA.  It’s been cold and cloudy though:

Those are both from 10,000 ft.  Here’s a shot of the TKS doing its job just after I broke out over BSR on my way back home:

Speaking of TKS fluid – I need to order some more.  Apparently the general spec is called TKS 406b, and there’s a bunch of companies which make it, according to google.


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