I’m finishing up an iPad app called InFlightFuel.  The purpose of this app is to assist in calculating when to switch fuel tanks based on total fuel used as shown on the perspective (via the fuel totalizer).

Welcome to InFlightFuel!

The purpose of this app is to help in fuel planning and projections for tank switching.

Mode of Operation:

With the InFlight switch set to “Off”, use the Tabs or Full buttons, or manually set your starting fuel levels with the slider.  Once you have your initial starting fuel levels set, switch the InFlight switch to “On” before you begin your flight.

With the InFlight switch set to “On”, InFlightFuel will track your in flight tank switches as well as make projections about when (in terms of total fuel used) you should switch to maintain your target tank differential.  The pink line is showing your current tank use segment and the black lines show historical tank switches.  Don’t worry if you switch early or late, we will recalculate the next switch projection on the fly.

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