Update to InFlightFuel

I’ve been pretty happy with InFlightFuel. There haven’t been any issues – no crashes, memory leaks, inconsistencies – it’s been great. One feature request I’ve had a few times was to add a timer. This way you can still use the totalizer as your primary switch tool, but have a time based backup in case something goes wrong. I think that’s a good idea, so I added it.

With InFlightFuel you can now specify two timer values: an initial timer and subsequent timer. I find this useful because departure legs are done ROP (rich of peak) so your fuel burn is much higher. Additionally, for your first leg you want to use half as much fuel as the subsequent legs so that you can maintain a nice differential (ex: 8.5 gl, 17 gl, 17 gl … will result in 8.5 max difference on each leg). If you don’t like this, you can set the initial timer to 0 and it will just use the subsequent timer.

Here’s the new configuration screen:

Screenshot 2013.05.08 11.44.58


And here is what things look like with the timer running:

Screenshot 2013.05.08 11.18.59


If you have InFlightFuel in the foreground when the timer expires, then you will get a little modal popup window alerting you do this fact. If the app is closed or you are using a different app at the time, you will get a little notification tab at the top that says that your fuel timer has expired.

I hope people like this!